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Turf Materials is your trusted supplier of premium sands and aggregates for golf course construction, renovation and maintenance. Our team has over 100 years of customer service experience and our supply chain provides the best material and delivery resources available in the market. From tee to green and everything in between, Turf Materials has you covered when it comes to providing the best aggregate solutions for your projects.

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Featured Products:
3/8” Pea Gravel
Arkansas Premier White™ Golf Course Bunker Sand
Topdressing Sand

Have you been awarded a contract to build or renovate a golf course? We want to be your partner. Take advantage of our network of aggregate resources, blending services, lab testing and logistics management so you can focus on creating your perfect masterpiece. Turf Materials can supply gravel, greens-mix, topsoil, capping material and of course, bunker sands. Turf Materials is the exclusive distributor of Premier Sands, widely regarded as one of the, if not the best bunker sands in the golf world. Combine these offerings with people that care, communicate and pay attention to detail so you can deliver perfection to your customer.

Whether you are back-filling aerification holes, injecting sand into your profile or just top-dressing your greens, tees, fairways or approaches, Turf Materials will provide the specialty sands required for these applications. We understand that you have a schedule to keep. We understand your needs. Are you looking for a quality compost-sand divot mix for tees and sand bottles, gravel for a drainage project or sand to top off your bunkers? Push the easy button and call Turf Materials.

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