Topdressing Sand

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A close-up view of Bells Savoy topdressing sand.

Enhance the surfaces of greens, fairways, and sports fields with our topdressing sand, a crucial component in turf maintenance. Incorporating topdressing into your regular maintenance program is vital for achieving healthy and high-quality turf.

  • Reduce Thatch: Promote a healthier turf by diluting and breaking down thatch, the layer of organic material near the surface. This process improves airflow, water infiltration, and nutrient uptake.
  • Increase Green Speed: Achieve smoother and faster greens by leveling the playing surface and promoting firmness.
  • Smoother Putting Surface: Fill in imperfections and inconsistencies on putting surfaces for a more uniform and enjoyable play.
  • Improve Existing Greens Conditions: Address underlying issues such as soil compaction, unevenness, and poor drainage for improved turf conditions and healthier root growth.
  • Improve Drainage: Enhance drainage capabilities and reduce the risk of waterlogging and turf diseases by managing organic matter with topdressing sand.