Custom Blending

At Turf Materials, we provide custom blending services to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s on-site at your location or at a local sand plant, our expert team sources and blends aggregates to deliver unmatched performance, longevity, and playability in the market. Whether you’re undertaking new construction, renovations, bunker mixes, or specialty multi-material blends, we are here to discuss your blending requirements and ensure excellence in every project.

  • COMAND Greens Grade Organics: We offer COMAND Greens Grade Organics, a high-quality organic material specifically designed for greens construction. It enhances soil structure, promotes root growth, and provides essential nutrients to support healthy turf.
  • Profile Porous Ceramics: Our inventory includes Profile Porous Ceramics, a revolutionary material known for its exceptional water-holding capacity and drainage properties. It helps maintain optimal soil moisture levels, promoting healthier root systems and improved turf performance.
  • DAKOTA Peat Organics: Turf Materials proudly offers DAKOTA Peat Organics, a premium organic material derived from carefully selected peat sources. It enriches the soil with essential nutrients, improves water retention, and enhances overall soil health.
  • Locally Sourced Compost: Our locally sourced compost is a sustainable and eco-friendly option that adds organic matter to the soil. It improves soil structure, enhances nutrient availability, and promotes beneficial microbial activity.
  • Sand on Sand Mixes: We provide sand on sand mixes customized to fit your specific specifications. Our team ensures the right balance of sand particle sizes and characteristics to meet the demands of your project, delivering optimal performance and playability.

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