Greensmix Blends

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A close-up view of greensmix blend sand.

Our state-of-the-art blender allows us to create tailored blends, incorporating a range of essential components such as command, profile, and peat moss, all according to your unique specifications.

  • Customized Formulation: Our greensmix blends are precisely tailored to your project’s requirements, ensuring the perfect combination of command, profile, or peat moss ratios.
  • Consistent Quality: Carefully selected, measured, and mixed components guarantee a uniform composition, delivering reliable performance on the course.
  • Enhanced Playability: Optimize playability with the ideal balance of water retention, root development, and nutrient availability, creating the optimal growing medium for healthy and thriving greens.
  • Improved Drainage: Achieve excellent drainage capabilities, promoting a well-drained root zone that allows excess water to escape efficiently, minimizing the risk of waterlogging and turf diseases.