Infield Clay

Recommended Uses:
A pile of infield clay ready for use in a sports field.

Our infield clay is meticulously designed for baseball, softball, and other sports fields, delivering the perfect playing surface for athletes.

  • Designed for Sports Fields: Infield clay is specifically formulated for the unique requirements of baseball, softball, and similar sports fields. Its composition and properties are tailored to provide optimal performance and playability, ensuring an exceptional experience for athletes.
  • Non-Aggressive for Enhanced Player Comfort: Our infield clay is non-aggressive, promoting better skin contact with players. This reduces the risk of abrasions and enhances overall comfort during gameplay, allowing athletes to focus on their performance.
  • Moisture Retention: Infield clay is formulated to retain moisture, contributing to field maintenance and playability. It helps maintain the appropriate level of moisture on the playing surface, ensuring consistent ball bounce and minimizing dust.
  • Balanced Sand, Clay, and Silt Blend: Our infield clay consists of a precise blend of sand, clay, and silt. This meticulous mixture achieves a balance of stability, firmness, and workability, creating an ideal surface for infielders. It ensures accurate fielding and throwing, enhancing the overall quality of the game.