Greens Construction Sand

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A close-up view of Greens Construction Sand, Tee Sand, and Drainage Sand.

Turf Materials takes pride in delivering the finest greens construction sand for the golf and sports industry nationwide. Through our partnerships with leading sand producers, and our expert blending and screening crews, we ensure the highest quality sand for constructing top-notch greens and sports root zones.

  • Superior Quality: Our greens construction sand is sourced from reputable producers, prioritizing consistency, purity, and optimal particle size distribution.
  • Enhanced Performance: Enjoy excellent drainage capabilities, root zone development, and compaction resistance, creating an ideal playing surface.
  • Reliable Supply: Benefit from our strong partnerships with sand producers, ensuring a consistent and reliable supply of greens construction sand to meet your project needs.
  • Customized Blending: Our expert blending crews can tailor the sand composition to match your specific project specifications, allowing you to create greens and sports root zones that meet any standards.