Wildcat Country Club

Houston, TX

Products Used: COMAND Greens-Grade
Project Timeline: March 2024

Turf Materials proudly supplied COMAND Greens Grade Organics for the tee renovation at Wildcat Country Club in Houston, TX. This renovation focused on three par-3 holes, aiming to expand the hitting surface area and level the tees for improved playability.

The renovation began on March 11, 2024, with a tight deadline to open for play by March 25, due to the upcoming spring tournament season. Despite the time constraints, the project was successfully completed on time. The project included:

  • Use of COMAND Greens Grade: COMAND Greens Grade was applied to the graded surface before laying the sod.
  • Sod Laying and Top Dressing: The sod was laid down with COMAND Greens Grade used as a top dressing on the seams and tee tops. This enhanced sod rooting resulted in faster tacking and healthier growth, while also reducing the need for frequent watering.

The effective use of COMAND Greens Grade Organics significantly contributed to the successful and timely completion of the renovation.

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COMAND is a good tool to use during any type of renovation and trouble spots on the course.

Ben Fultz, Class A Golf Course Superintendent