Pro Choice™ – Tan

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A close-up view of Pro Choice™ Tan Sand.

Pro Choice™ Sand is a meticulously screened natural sand suitable for a wide range of applications, from building bunkers to creating volleyball pits.

  • Color Choice: Pro Choice™ Sand is available in both white and tan color options, allowing you to select the perfect shade to complement your project’s aesthetic requirements.
  • Adheres to USGA Specifications for Greens Construction Sands: Rest assured that Pro Choice™ Sand meets the stringent standards set by the United States Golf Association (USGA) for greens construction sands. It provides the optimal characteristics necessary for creating exceptional golf course greens.
  • Infiltration and Penetrometer Ratings: Pro Choice™ Sand offers good infiltration rates and penetrometer ratings, ensuring efficient drainage and optimal playability on your golf course. These properties contribute to the overall health and performance of the turf.
  • Sub-angular to Rounded Finish: The finish of Pro Choice™ Sand provides a comfortable texture while maintaining stability. This allows for consistent ball lies and a pleasant playing experience.
  • Economical in Golf Course Construction and Refinishing Projects: Pro Choice™ Sand is an economical option for various golf course construction and refinishing projects. Its affordability makes it a practical choice without compromising on quality.