Arkansas Premier Play™

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A close-up view of Premier Play sand.

Arkansas Premier Play™ is the ultimate solution for revitalizing your favorite fairways. This cutting-edge hybrid blend combines the best qualities of manufactured materials and natural grains, offering the playability that golfers demand and the infiltration rates that top maintenance supervisors enjoy.

  • Hybrid Blend for Superior Performance: Arkansas Premier Play™ is manufactured by blending the exceptional qualities of Arkansas Premier White™ and Pro Choice™, our natural silica sand. This combination delivers a unique hybrid blend that ensures optimal playability and performance.
  • Ideal for Greenside and Fairway Bunkers: Arkansas Premier Play™ is excellent for constructing greenside bunkers and fairway bunkers, providing the perfect foundation for these key elements of your golf course.
  • Best Choice for Greens Construction: When it comes to greens construction, Arkansas Premier Play™ should be your go-to option. Its exceptional qualities contribute to the successful development and maintenance of greens, promoting healthy turf growth and optimal playing conditions.
  • Angular Composition: With its angular composition, Arkansas Premier Play™ offers superior stability and prevents excessive movement of the sand, maintaining the desired bunker contours and shapes.
  • Brilliant White Color: The pristine white color of Arkansas Premier Play™ enhances the visual appeal of your bunkers, creating a striking contrast against the surrounding landscape and elevating the overall aesthetics of your course.
  • Outstanding Playability: Arkansas Premier Play™ allows golfers to enjoy precise shots and performance. The sand’s consistent texture and stability provide the ideal surface for practicing sand shots and executing bunker strategies.
  • Good Infiltration and Penetrometer Ratings: Arkansas Premier Play™ offers excellent infiltration rates and penetrometer ratings, ensuring efficient drainage, optimal firmness, and easy maintenance.