Arkansas Premier Platinum™ Golf Course Bunker Sand

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A close-up view of Premier Platinum™ Golf Course Bunker Sand.

Arkansas Premier Platinum™ Golf Course Bunker Sand is a premium crushed gray colored sand specifically designed for bunkers and concrete precast applications.

  • Brilliant Gray Color: Arkansas Premier Platinum™ features a brilliant gray color that adds a unique and distinguished look to your golf course bunkers. This vibrant color creates a visually striking contrast against the greenery, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your course.
  • Excellent Infiltration Rate and Penetrometer Ratings: Arkansas Premier Platinum™ offers excellent infiltration rates and high penetrometer ratings, ensuring efficient drainage and optimal firmness in the bunkers. This promotes consistent playability and enhances golfer satisfaction.
  • Clean and Consistent Crushed Sand: Arkansas Premier Platinum™ is manufactured using a precise process to produce clean and consistent crushed sand particles. This ensures uniformity in texture, appearance, and performance, providing a reliable and attractive playing surface in the bunkers.
  • Excellent Angularity for Superior Holding Ability: The angular composition of Arkansas Premier Platinum™ enhances its holding ability, even on the steepest bunker slopes. This ensures that the sand stays in place, allowing for challenging shots and strategic play on the course.
  • Versatile Applications: In addition to bunkers, Arkansas Premier Platinum™ is also suitable for concrete precast applications. Its clean and consistent composition makes it an excellent choice for various construction projects, providing durability and visual appeal.