Kiln Dried Sand

Recommended Uses:
A close-up view of Kiln Dried Sand.

Kiln dried sand is a specially dried sand that excels in topdressing applications and has a range of benefits that can significantly enhance the quality and playability of your turf.

  • Increased Green Speeds: Enhance green speeds for a more challenging and dynamic game.
  • Smooth Putting Surfaces: Achieve smoother putting surfaces, ensuring consistent ball roll and improved accuracy.
  • Thatch Dilution: Aid in diluting thatch, reducing its accumulation, and promoting a healthier turf ecosystem.
  • No Drag Matting Required: Streamline the topdressing process, eliminating the need for drag matting during application.
  • Light Application Rates: Apply kiln dried sand at light rates, ensuring precise control over the amount of sand applied.
  • Uniform Application: Achieve an even distribution using a rotary or drop spreader, ensuring consistent coverage.
  • Equipment Preservation: Reduce wear and tear on reels and bed knives, extending the life of your turf maintenance equipment.
  • Convenient Formats: Available in 50lbs bags, 2,000lbs / 3,000lbs super sacks, or bulk truckloads. Bulk load delivery is recommended for larger projects, particularly during drier months.